• Chiropractic Care and Children

    by Dr. Adam Meade DC
    on Apr 2nd, 2017

Working with kids and entire families is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. Kids respond much more quickly to chiropractic care, they are happier when they are healthier, and they get the big picture. We unfortunately live in a time where children are sicker than ever.

When an adult walks into a chiropractic clinic they have years of untreated injuries. Those injuries over time continue to build and start to make degenerative changes to the spine. With kids we are able to work with them before those changes occur, which makes them healthier adults. It’s great when I get to adjust a baby because I know that they will grow up strong and healthy.

One of the questions I get frequently from patients new to chiropractic care is, “Why do you adjust infants and children?” First off, the birth process is traumatic. With the use of epidurals and c-sections the child rarely goes through the birth process without being tugged or pulled from the mother. The birth process and can create small misalignments in your child’s spine, especially in the neck, called subluxations. This creates pressure in the nerves, which affects the function of areas such as their immune system, ears, sinuses, and digestion. Evidence of this is seen when you compare the incidence of ear infection in c-section children and those with natural birth. That is why I recommend for my family and friends to get their children checked out as soon as they come home from the hospital.

Children don’t have to live with ear infections. It has been shown that adjustments are more effective in treating ear infection than antibiotics or tubes. The research also shows lower rates of reoccurrence in children that have been adjusted. I’ve seen countless times first hand children have miraculous results with colic, sinus problems, digestive issues, sleep disturbances, anxiety, bed wetting, asthma, and tonsillitis just to name a few.

Chiropractic care is safe and effective for children. Just like your child wouldn’t need as high a dose of medication as you would, they also many times require less care than an adult to see changes in their health. That is why it is important to find a skilled chiropractor that is comfortable working with children. The children that come in to our 100% offices love being adjusted, and are so excited to be there. This is because they are innately aware that they are doing something good for themselves.

Our mission is to change healthcare ideas in our respective communities. The best place to start is with the children that can grow into happy healthy adults through chiropractic. I was fortunate to receive chiropractic care at a young age. I used to suffer from recurrent sinus infections, tonsillitis, exercise induced asthma and allergies. All which have cleared up since I began care in childhood. Great things can happen when you remove interference in the nervous system and allow the body to heal itself.

It is important to get your children checked for subluxations at an early age. We are dealing with an epidemic of unhealthy people in our country. The only way to change that is to get your children on the path to true health at an early age. That way they can experience abundant health at 100% of their potential. Lets help raise the next generation drug free and healthier then us.

Author Dr. Adam Meade DC

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