Meet our Massage Therapists

  • Alexis Dee
    Licensed Massage Therapist

    'I have been practicing massage therapy for 5 years now. My story doesn't have the typical background you would think of someone to have in this field. I didn't have any prior injuries or surgeries that required the need for physical/massage therapy. I had not even received a massage prior to my enrollment in the Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy (2013). 

    My love of the science of the human body drove my pursuit of massage therapy. The human body itself fascinates me; how it compensates itself in times of trauma or injury, how it can trick us into thinking pain is normal, or if you work through the pain, it will go away, or that any size and shape of body is capable of literally anything. 

    The amount of knowledge I gained while at Cortiva was life-changing. I had so many new perspectives on subjects that I once had no care for such as lifelong quality health, self care, and even Eastern (oriental) medicine. It showed me a whole new world for the health industry, a world where we didn't have to rely on medication to make us feel better. It showed me that massage, widely considered to be a luxury, is actually a necessity in our lives. If there is a quote that I can take away from my education, that was said by one of my favorite teachers, it is this: 'There are 4 rules to follow to live a good, long life. Drink water, exercise, eat your leafy greens, and get a massage.' I couldn't agree more.

    I specialize mostly in deep tissue therapy, but that doesn't stop me from also providing relaxing, Swedish massages. I grew and honed my skills once I had a position at a spa as a massage therapist, thus gaining even more love for my field. I was finding patterns in peoples' postures relating to their field of work. I found that stress affects our bodies even more than what I imagined. I discovered the differences between trigger points, scar tissue and lipomas. As I was learning more, I was also gaining insight into other factors that could inhibit the full functionality of our bodies, which led me to want to learn more modalities of massage to better help people with a therapeutic approach. 

    I like the ethnic massage practices such an Indian Head Massage and Thai Foot Massage (reflexology), each based with their own energy clearing properties and tension reducing movements. I also practice Fijian Massage, a barefoot massage technique that caters to sports/deep tissue therapy, much like Ashiastu, but at the same time is in its own category when comparing the barefoot practices of the world. 

    I love using Young Living essential oils during my massage sessions. Beyond the benefits of aromatherapy, essential oils can help support physical relaxation and ease muscle tension when applied to the body as well as offer emotional release as it often ties to the body's physical stress. In addition to complimentary aromatherapy during each session, I customize a physical application of essential oils for each individual to meet their unique needs. 

    My goal is to always communicate with each client to make sure every need is met and that they leave feeling better than when they came in. All in all, I want my clients happy and pleased with the work they receive. 

    In my 5 years as a Licensed Massage Therapist, I have worked in spa franchises, a luxury hotel spa, a casino, and have even owned my own small business for a short time. 


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