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Unexplained numbness and tingling in your extremities can be extremely uncomfortable, and sometimes painful if left unaddressed. At Abundant Health Chiropractic—where Dr. Meade serves the residents of in Willowbrook, IL, Burr Ridge, IL, Hinsdale, IL, and the surrounding areas—Dr. Adam Meade offers treatment for numbness and tingling.

Numbness and Tingling Q & A

About Numbness and Tingling

Numbness and tingling that is experienced in either the upper or lower extremities are often caused by issues in other parts of the body. By addressing these underlying causes, your chiropractor will rid you of these annoying symptoms and help get your life back on track.

What are Common Causes of Numbness and Tingling?

Most incidences of numbness and tingling are extremely brief, as a result of remaining in the same position for too long or sitting on one of your limbs. However, for extended periods of numbness and tingling that develop into pain, there is often a more serious underlying cause. In fact, the cause of numbness and tingling may not even be located in the afflicted limb. For example, many numbness and tingling occurrences are caused by nerve pressure usually located in the spine. It is also possible for your numbness and tingling to be a result of disease or illness, although this is generally rare.

What Are the Best Forms of Treatment?

Although some causes of numbness and tingling might require more advanced treatment, such as surgery, most cases can be corrected by a visit to your Chiropractor. Experienced Chiropractors, like Dr. Adam Meade, can address the nerve issues that are the likely source of your numbness and tingling. After a spinal adjustment or joint mobilization, the pressure on the offending nerve will be released, and your numbness and tingling will disappear. It is also important that you engage in a stretching regimen, as this will help to keep the pressure off of your nerves and will reduce the likelihood of future bouts of numbness and tingling.

Where Can I Receive Treatment for Numbness and Tingling in Willowbrook, IL?

Living with protracted spells of numbness and tingling can be very disruptive to your life, meaning you need treatment right away. Getting chiropractic care and seeking treatment for numbness and tingling in Willowbrook, IL, is as easy as scheduling an appointment with Dr. Adam Meade at Abundant Health Chiropractic.


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